Looking for some great opportunities to rip, rail, and sail in the Frederick area? If you’re ready to adventure out and play in the park or find some dirt – you don’t have to go far to do it!

The Frederick Pump Track

Frederick Pump Track

A pump track is a continuous loop designed to be ridden without pedaling. Instead, you pump the bike through the rollers and berms to maintain your momentum. The Frederick track is very near and dear to our hearts, as it was brought to you by the Frederick Bicycle Coalition (and it’s a ton of fun!)
Frederick Pump Track Facebook Page

Bohrer Park: Gaithersburg Skate/Bike Park


The park is 12,300 square feet and is designed for in-line skaters, BMX bikes and skateboarders. The park is constructed of pressure treated wood and Skatelite. The park is accommodating for all interests and skill levels. BMX bikes are permitted in the Park every day EXCEPT Wednesdays & Saturdays.
Gaithersburg Park Website

Rockville Skate/Bike Park


This park is opened in the spring and closes in October – weather permitting. Bikes are permitted in the park Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 4pm – 8pm. Riders are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and safety gloves are encouraged. Rockville Skate/Bike Park Website

Hagerstown BMX Track


This is an official USA BMX track. Full face helmets, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants are required. Free practices held Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-8PM. Hagerstown BMX Track Facebook Page

South Germantown Pump Track/Dirt Jumps


Perfect for mountain and BMX bikers of all skill levels, the 5,000 square foot South Germantown pump track features a continuous loop of rolling bumps (rollers) and banked corners (berms) that allow bikers to gain momentum without pedaling, have fun and improve their skills. The track is located along the Hoyles Mill Trail. Parking for the track is at the model boat area parking lot or Schaeffer Farms.
South Germantown Bike Park Facebook Page

Rockburn Skills Park

Rockburn Skills Park

Rockburn Park has been described as “a pocket-sized piece of Heaven for kids – and some adults who think like kids.” This park is a place where any age or ability rider can practice and improve their confidence and skills. Features of the park include a Pump Track with a low-risk circuit for a wide-range of skills; Flow Trail that includes universal trail symbols, small rollers and berms as well as flow features with table-tops, berms, rock drops; a Descending Trail that has some log technical features; a rock-armored Uphill Trail and an easy uphill return trail that takes riders back to the top. The trails are rocky and rooty singletrack; but in keeping with bike culture, the better riders help out the newbies and is a place where all riders can have a great time.  Helmets are required at all times by all riders. Rockburn Skills Park Website