We stock a full arsenal of BMX bikes and dirt jump rigs. Swing by and see some of the bikes you don’t often get to see in a bike shop.

This is just a sampling of of the BMX bikes and dirt jump bikes you’ll see in our shop.

Haro Downtown 18″ $329.99

18″ wheel, 18″ top tube. This will be a great intro to BMX for a younger rider. Things will be great when you’re Downtown!

We The People Arcade $459.99

21″ top tube. A tasteful and stylish bike built to ride and shred it all.

Haro Midway $469.99

21″ top tube. Haro’s Midway is an upgraded bike and you can feel it the second you throw your leg over it. Lighter and stronger are defining characteristics of this rig.

Premium Products Subway $469.99

21″ top tube. The clean lines and modern-retro styling of the Subway make this a must-see model.

We The People Justice $489.99

20.75″ top tube. The Justice is an all round bike that comes with all the latest equipment you will need to conquer any terrain you want.

Fit Bike Co. Begin FC $539.95

20.5″ top tube. The ultimate trick machine. Has a freecoaster!

Haro Steel Reserve 1.1 Long $549.99

If you plan on riding ramps, street, or the pump track, the Steel Reserve 1.1 is your versatile new best friend. It responds to every challenge without compromise.

Deity Cryptkeeper $495.99

The deity Cryptkeeper is tailored specifically to the needs of riders who thrive on high speed big sets, to those who spend 75% of their time digging, who love the smell of damp dirt, the sound of a slapping shovel, and look upon a lip as a work of art.