We stock a full arsenal of BMX bikes and dirt jump rigs. Swing by and see some of the bikes you don’t often get to see in a bike shop.

This is just a sampling of of the BMX bikes and dirt jump bikes you’ll see in our shop.

Haro Downtown 18″ $329.99

18″ wheel, 18″ top tube. This will be a great intro to BMX for a younger rider. Things will be great when you’re Downtown!

Haro Steel Reserve 1.1 Long $549.99

If you plan on riding ramps, street, or the pump track, the Steel Reserve 1.1 is your versatile new best friend. It responds to every challenge without compromise.

Deity Cryptkeeper $495.99

The deity Cryptkeeper is tailored specifically to the needs of riders who thrive on high speed big sets, to those who spend 75% of their time digging, who love the smell of damp dirt, the sound of a slapping shovel, and look upon a lip as a work of art.