The Bicycle Escape is a family owned and operated bike shop in Frederick, Maryland. We’re incredibly proud to have been voted one of America’s Best Bike shops for three years running – and we believe it shows in our commitment to you (and your bike!) – as well as to our community and the environment.


To You & Your Bike
We believe, in fact we know, that the world benefits from the recreation, transportation, and plain old fun that bicycles have offered people for hundreds of years. In a time when our lives are bombarded with high-speed this and digital that we often forget the simpler aspects of existence. The Bicycle Escape is committed to offering you the opportunity to escape from your busy schedule and enjoy life’s surroundings with a simple, timeless machine… the bicycle.

We strive to give every cyclist – male or female, pro, novice, or child – honest and professional sales and service, as well as in depth resources for cycling knowledge, safety, community events, and where to ride. Please explore our website and take advantage of all the information provided. A great place to start is our Resources page.

To Community
In order to strengthen and serve our community, The Bicycle Escape is a member of the Frederick Bicycle Coalition and a number of other local and national organizations. For more information on our community involvement, projects, and events, please visit our blog and check out Community.

To Environment
It is important to us that we leave as little negative impact on this earth as possible and we hope you are of a similar mind set. Below are a few of the steps we have taken to reduce our ecological impact.

  • Reduce: In an effort to reduce the amount of packaging we consume, we purchase many of our common items in bulk. Items such as chains, brake pads, lubricants and polishes, kickstands, inner tubes, cables, and small parts are delivered to us without individual packages or hang tags. We offer them to you without any additional “impressive” yet costly packaging.
  • Reuse: The packaging we do receive is frequently reused. Bags, zip ties, boxes, and shipping materials are given a second life whenever possible. Most of the rags we use were once t-shirts that outlived their wearable lifespan. We donate old tubes, tires, bikes and equipment to Bikes for the World and have arranged weekly pick ups to keep a constant stream of parts flowing to this noble organization.
    (If you’d like to donate an old bike, please bring it in and we’ll make sure they get it!)
  • Recycle: As you might expect, bicycles are delivered in large boxes. We have systems in place to ensure that this cardboard as well as any other cardboard, paper, glass, plastics, and metals that we can’t reuse are recycled.
  • Emissions: We believe strongly in bicycle commuting. Through personal experience we have found bike transportation to be pleasurable, efficient, and healthy. However, it is not always possible for us to operate our business on two wheels. (Though we wish we could!) To help reduce vehicular emissions, our company car gets 36 miles per gallon.


We work hard to partner with brands that offer the best products and a strong mission.
Here are a few (not all) of the bicycle brands you can expect to see when you visit the shop.