TBE is OPEN but it’s not business as usual. As you would expect, we are taking extra safety precautions and changing the way we do things. We like to call it the “Men’s Room approach” to bicycle sales and service. (It might also be called the “Women’s Room approach,” but I, Tom, have never been inside one so I don’t want to make assumptions.) The approach is this: Get in, get out and keep your hands to yourself . We welcome your business. We appreciate your support and we are glad to help, but when you visit, please be mindful of your surroundings. We use a lot of hand sanitizer here and we keep a very clean shop so help us help the community. In the mean time, we are repairing bikes, just drop them off 10 AM to 6 PM. We have great bikes to test ride. We rent. We have parts. We are even taking old bikes for Bikes for the World. All this while we are cleaning, sanitizing, washing hands, and keeping a safe distance (that’s what you do in a men’s room). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Please keep this in mind, while this pandemic effects every aspect of our operation:

-We are here for you and welcome / appreciate your business!
-The shop is now open 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Saturday
-Staff are not required to work so PLEASE help keep them comfortable
-We have “no touch” gift cards available.
-We offer curbside service, just give us a call
-We can arrange home delivery
-You can pay over the phone
-We are small and scrappy which means we can adapt to best meet most needs quickly
-We are disinfecting like crazy and staff are respecting the 6′ rule from each other and others.
-Let’s have patience to avoid being patients


  1. Hi! You guys are awesome!
    I need a few things (lights for bike, odometer fixed, tune-up). I have a gift card from December which I’m happy to save for the future if it would help you out for me to pay now and use GC in future. But when do gift cards expire?

    1. Thank you so much! Our gift cards never expire so you need not worry. All the best and stay safe and healthy!

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