The fat bike deals just keep coming!  This time it is the good folks at Specialized that want you to keep riding through the winter. From now until the end of January, you can get your butt on a Fatboy or Hellga for an insanely low price, up to $600 off!

If you’ve never ridden a fat bike before you are missing out! Come test ride or rent one and see for yourself then take home your very own fattie.

Check out these prices:

For Lads:
Fatboy SE: $1299.99
Fatboy: $1699.99
Fatboy Trail: $2099.99
Fatboy Comp: $1999.99
Fatboy Comp Carbon: $2899.99
Fatboy Pro Trail: $3599.99
Fatboy Expert Carbon: $5399.99

For Lass:
Hellga: $1299.99
Hellga Comp: $1699.99
Hellga Expert: $2499.99

For Groms:
Fatboy 20” and 24”: $649.99

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