With Big Bear just days away, many of you have come to the same conclusion: 1) It is a wonderful time to break the frame you planned on racing and/or 2) it is a wonderful time to replace your old frame/bike.

Here are two of the frames you might see being raced in WV. Both are QBall 29er frames crafted by our friend Scott Quiring in Michigan. But that frame is only available in black….. well yes, this is true but occasionally we can sweet talk Scott into a different color option. Good luck to all of you making the journey for this year’s race! More pictures on our Flickr site.

One comment

  1. I like the gold but forget the red! Hey, what's up with that gold frame and the headtube almost flush with the top tube? Is that a smaller frame?

    Been racing my Qball and it's a great bike to race on. Thinking about going geared for the Darkhorse 40 in August. That will be interesting, to say the least. This is the year I try something different with my Q, fixed Monster Crosser is in the offing, too.

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