Over the last week we have received several shipments of BMX goodies. We got stuff from Fit BMX, S&M, Animal, Fly Bikes, Primo, Haro, The Shadow Conspiracy, Odyssey, We The People, FBM, SNAFU, and more.

As I was unpacking the parts I was reminded me of my skateboard days. Not that I was ever any good on a skateboard but I use to sell skate stuff in a previous life. Like skate stuff the packaging is cool and all of the parts are highly stylized. One thing you will instantly notice about the current 20 inch scene is colors. You can get nearly every part in a wide array of colors. This can be fun when you are dressing up your rig but good luck if you want to do the same to a mountain or road bike- black and silver is still the order of the day.
If any of you BMX fans stop by the shop ask for an Animal poster and we will hook you up.

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