Several months ago we started a special project at The Bicycle Escape. We reshaped bottle caps to turn them into bicycle head tube badges. At first the result was rather primitive but as weeks turned into months we honed our technique. Now we are able to turn discarded caps into beautiful cold-forged works of art. They are suitable for any round tube (bicycle tubes, walking sticks, etc.) and are compatible with both foreign and domestic bike frames. At this point we have amassed quite a collection so stop by and see if we have one to compliment your bike. At just a buck and a half you can’t go wrong!


  1. These are great! Will you ship them? Someone just stole my really awesome Miyata head badge (, and now I’m both sad and badgeless. I don’t want to buy another classic Miyata badge, since that will just encourage the head badge thieves to strike again. But I can totally get behind a $1.50 bottlecap badge, especially the cool ones you make. What do you say?

  2. How do get these to flatten out without scratching up the paint? I tried it with a couple of caps and a hammer and they looked like crap. Maybe it was the beers I drained to get my supply of caps.

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